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- Find another resource - - - 2/25/2012 - comment
Went for Christian counseling - he began by arguing with me whether I was there 'for me' or for someone else - that he could only treat ONE person at a time. (I was there because of the behavior of my ADHD son and wanting direction in my response on a Christian basis - is that so wrong?) The middle portion of the hour was spent 'advertising' his neurofeedback treatments - which I stressed that my adult son was not interested in, but we were aware of them - and ending the hour with 'prayer', and his statement that I would receive 'an answer' right away - that 'most people do'...as he sat and looked at me and waited for me to receive 'the answer'. I left MORE distressed than when I came, and $125. less money in my minimal bank account. Please don't waste your time and money. It is sad that he advertises himself as a Christian counselor. I can't speak for the neurofeedback treatments, but from internet research, many ADHD experts think they are "bogus" as well.

- issues: - - - 6/15/2010 - comment
Overpriced, he charges way too much for seemingly unnecessary tests (many paper-based tests, should not cost THAT much). Of course this sort of treatment will be pricey but the intake process could be less complicated. He emphasizes disorders that may not need focus/treatment/even exist. Then tries to get you to purchase $4000 or so worth of appointments ahead of time. Money-driven, overly/uncomfortably pushy. Like a car salesman for a more vulnerable population. Wouldn't recommend. (also not recommended for those seeking a secular treatment center.)

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